Personal Development

A very big part of being healthy is having a healthy mind, a positive outlook, meditating, reflecting, taking time to just BE, making time for YOU in this crazy-busy world. Here I hope to provide you with some videos, inspiration, ideas, concepts to help you to achieve a better life balance so you can become more in-tune with your inner soul, your light, your purpose. 

  • Authentic Self

    Lori Harder explains how she lives life as her authentic self and how we can all do the same.

  • Complete Freedom

    Complete freedom is WHOLE..begins in cells, flows in mind, seeps from your soul & explodes into your life & the lives of all around you... -Peta Kelly

  • The Power of Focus

    Robin Sharma is simply fantastic. Any book, training, video, quote from him will provide endless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • START Your Life

    Our vision is to ignite all young people to own their lives physically & financially, & through our contributions, create freedom & a lasting legacy.